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  1. This is not a he-said, she-said contest. This is about four candidates who have been vetted by the community where they live; by 48 ELECTED Caucus members, supported by scores of past caucus members and our fellow citizens (have you noticed the signage?), who believe our school is damn good and want to keep it that way. The opposition is supported generously by a very small group of donors whose agendas are obviously political and divisive. They HIRED a “Chief Campaign Strategist and Issues Advisor” from OUTSIDE the district. He is simply a paid political strategist. They have attacked numerous defenders of the Caucus candidates with lies and manipulations. They claim our school is in crisis and needs to be radically disrupted, though their “facts” neither bear truth or feel remotely reflective of what we can see with our eyes, hear from our students, or know from the teachers. They are counting on boogey-man tactics that won’t work here. The Caucus candidates aren’t on some political vendetta. Rather, the Caucus candidates, including Ted Moorman, are in it for the students, for the community they live in, and for the right reasons to be on the board. They don’t need to hire outside consultants to know what those reasons are.

  2. I have know Ted and Susan Moorman for almost 20 years. Additionally, I know many members of both of their families. They are both, without question people of outstanding integrity, character and community spirit. Ted has been, and will continue to be, a terrific steward of the high school.
    As Catherine said, the rest of this is just noise, noise, noise.

  3. The Final Four IS correct (what does the word “is” mean). I did not meet with them. If I had, it would be the Final Five and that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I should have been precisely clear as a lawyer would be when parsing words. When I said I met with the Final Four I meant that I MET with Jennifer Neubauer on multiple occasions as she confirms above at her request as she was attempting to put her team together. She had not yet recruited Cindy, Lisa, and Patrick and only disclosed some of their names to me when we had our last meeting. I wonder if they had to take the same oath she was requiring of me and I was unable to do? Jennifer, you know what we discussed and it did not require four meetings to determine when Mr. Schreiber was leaving the community and other minor matters. As you indicated above that you are happy to provide more details of our meetings, and I ask you to please do so. I only ask that you provide the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  4. I have never met with Ted Moorman, nor asked him to be one of the Final 4. This is a complete fabrication on his part.
    -Cindy Good

  5. It has come to my attention that Mr. Moorman has indicated that he was asked by the Final 4 to join the Final 4 as a candidate for District 115 Board. I at no time, ever approached or communicated in any capacity with Mr. Moorman on this issue or any other issue. In fact, I had not seen him or spoke with him for over 4 years. It amazes me that someone should invent such a statement.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    Lisa Mienville, Ph.D., M.B.A., LL.B.

  6. The first time I ever met with or spoke with Ted Moorman was on stage at the League of Women’s Voters event a few weeks ago. I shook his hand, wished him good luck and that was it. As I have stated previously, I am an independent candidate running for one of the four open independent District 115 Board seats. My peers on the Final Four and I are all running as non Caucus-endorsed independent candidates. A healthy Board of Education should bring independent perspectives and healthy debate to its process and provide transparent and critical oversight to the Administration.

  7. This is a very well written letter. The caucus candidates care deeply about LFHS and deserve our support. We have a great school and community.

  8. Ted Moorman never met with the Final 4; nor did we ask him onto the slate. The depth to which the scandal-plagued Caucus candidates have sunk is really quite low with this latest opinion piece.

    • Ms. Neubauer,
      With all due respect, will you please explain to me why you met with my husband on four occasions at the Ft. Sheridan Starbucks and McDonalds? As you know, you initiated these meetings. Dishonesty is not a virtue this community is looking for in a candidate.
      Susan Moorman

      • I discussed with Ted on several separate occasions the Dave Schreiber board vacancy (as in: When did he really leave the District and become ineligible to sit on the Board and vote on matters before the Board?), the ECRA contract, why some Board members voted on matters by phone when they were on vacation (violating Board rules) and Ted’s view on several of his fellow board members and the Superintendent. Did you want more detail on that? I’d be happy to provide it.

  9. What smears against the Caucus candidates are you referring to Ted? Is it the conflict of interest issue with Dr Nemickas, which is a clear violation of State law? That’s an issue not a smear.

    Among all the candidates you should be the one who can tell a smear from a legitimate issue. Remember when you got smeared two years ago when you ran against the Caucus. Who was the first one to come to your defense back then? I would have thought you’d have a different perspective, you know, a little bit of sympathy and understanding for what the Final Four are going through, but politics changes people doesn’t it.

    • There is no conflict of interest posed by Tom Nemickas and the school’s contract with Illinois Bone and Joint. Another red herring to distract people from their real objective (which they don’t publicly discuss): Replacing our highly qualified principal, African-American Dr. Holland. Noise, noise. noise. I’ll stick with facts and balanced, reasonable leaders.

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