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  1. “Reclusive” is a strange accusation to throw at people who have volunteered to run for public office. The Final Four candidates went door-to-door, talking to voters while gathering three times the number of ballot qualification signatures than the first four candidates. The Final Four are maintaining a robust website with weekly updates explaining their positions in detail. They send out mailers to inform the public. They continue to go door-to-door and are holding meet-and-greet sessions open to the public. The candidates themselves have organized a large team of supporters who are performing in a respectful, professional way on all fronts. This is a good indication of how they will approach their responsibilities as Board members.

    Compare this to the fact that the Lake Forest Caucus candidates are selected by a group of around 40 people. They rely largely on the that organization to fund and run their campaigns. They are insulated from the public abuse being heaped on the Final Four candidates.

    Carol wrote:
    “Instead, [the first four candidates] are uniquely able to be more responsive to you than a no-dissent slate can allow.”

    Let’s look at which side tolerates dissent:
    If you question the Board’s politically driven decisions, then you are accused of using “inflammatory rhetoric” and you are labelled a “white supremacist”.
    If you question the latest teaching fads then you are called “regressive” and unwilling to try new things.
    If you challenge their authority you are called “reclusive”, implying that you are a loner unwilling to face public scrutiny.

    All the insults and accusations being thrown at the Final Four challengers have the same goal – to silence dissent by branding anyone who challenges those currently in power as defective human beings unworthy of participating in the public domain, social outcasts to be permanently locked out of the process of educating their own children. Anyone who views their neighbors in this way can not claim to represent the entire community because they will believe it is their moral duty to keep non-conforming citizens out of government.

    I have heard all Final Four candidates speak and they do not have a monolithic mindset. They have different ideas, each with energy focused on different issues. We won’t know how the Final Four will deal with dissent until they get elected, but we can see how the supporters of the current Board view those who disagree with their world view.

  2. Well said, Carol! Vote Lake Bluff and the Lake Forest Caucus are non-partisan, volunteer organizations composed of our fellow citizens. These groups do not have platforms; rather they seek to find engaged and open-minded individuals, who will listen to the many voices within our community. Both have a long tradition of finding and supporting candidates, from all areas of the political spectrum.

    Please go to either of their websites: http://www.votelakebluff.org and http://www.lakeforestcaucus.com to learn about what they do. And consider joining them; all registered voters are welcome to participate!

    Additionally, please take a look at http://www.righttracklfhs.org which seeks to educate voters about the choices in this election. Our school board members have tremendous responsibility, and the candidates put forward by Vote Lake Bluff and the Lake Forest Caucus are simply the most qualified.

    If you remain unconvinced, take a look at this link http://theforestscout.com/opinion-misleading-data-analysis-school-board-candidates/ Written by a student at Lake Forest High School, it powerfully states the case in support of our high school board. We do not have a failing system, as the Final Four would have you believe. Rather, we have a top-notch school that continues to improve through the support of a broad-based and engaged community.

    Most importantly, don’t forget to vote! The election is April 4, which is the Tuesday right after our schools’ spring break. On the 4th, go to your designated polling place. If you aren’t able to get to your polling place on the 4th, early voting begins today at the Lake County Clerk’s Office, and on March 20 at Lake Forest City Hall and North Chicago City Hall.

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