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  1. Being “censured” by Mayor Rotering illustrates her very poor judgement and says everything about her lack of integrity. As an 8-year veteran of the Historic Preservation Commission, I had a responsibility to nominate the property because I was the most well-versed commissioner on this important architect. I believe from a comment that the city manager made, the Mayor intended to remand the Hawthorne application back to the Historic Preservation Commission. After receiving my rebuttal letter the Mayor appeared to change her mind. Corporation Counsel Hart Passman oversaw all the proceedings and if there was anything amiss or unethical about the application or the behavior of me or another member of the HPC, he would’ve called us out on it and stopped the proceedings. In Chapter 33 of the HP City Code there is a list of 21 responsibilities of the HPC (Historic Preservation Commission). First and foremost it tells us to make recommendations to city council for local landmarks. I only withdrew from the application to satisfy the owners’ attorneys who behaved inappropriately toward the entire commission. I also didn’t appreciate having Mr. Macknin appear in my front yard to photograph my house and then lie about where he lived. His intent was to intimidate me, which obviously was unsuccessful. The city didn’t want to follow their own ordinance and I can say they’ve been consistent on that for the last 5 years. The lack of support from city council had nothing to do with the owners’ attorneys’ skills. The HPC commissioners that deliberated this property did an excellent job and gave the the necessary time to understand the nuances that come with preservation.

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