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  1. Just because Mr. Ross has the endorsement of CARE and the 112 Caucus does not make him a shoe-in with voters. Look at what happened to Hillary Clinton in November and in 2008. Each time she was upended despite all the pundits prognostications she was a sure winner. Voters can be a fickle an unpredictable species bunch. If Mr. Ross wants Mr. Cohn’s seat, then he should apply for it, otherwise let voters decide if gets a seat on the board come April. Concurrently, if Mr. Hamburg feels the qualifications of the candidates applying for open board seats are subpar, then he or other member’s of CARE should step up and apply. President Obama echoed such sentiment in his farewell address the other night by urging those wanting to see change in governing bodies government to run for office. The board is chartered to fill vacancies in its ranks, let them chose the applicant they feel is best qualified to serve. Voters can always send that appointee packing in 2019 if they want.

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