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  1. While DNS generally does a good job with these stories, this one is an exception. It belongs in a tabloid and not in a paper that attempts to actually cover local issues.

    The focus of this meeting of 2.5 hours was not the 1 minute spent upon the supposed threats noted in the headline.

    Cohn made his statement in reference to anonymous comments online, presumably in Patch, and Mordini is under scrutiny because of her problematic statement released after the referendum’s loss. If she has been attacked over private email by upset citizens, that is unfortunate.

    It is also not a documented fact, and simply distracts from her actual statements and the work of the Board. Further, including a quotation from a letter from M112 Forward is also not relevant to what actually happened at the meeting.

    All of this, unfortunately, casts the summary of public comments, which we largely respectful even when critical, in an unflattering light. The summary of possible Board actions then seems disorganized and in note form, probably because the Board has not decided on any set actions.

    Really, the content of the meeting should come first, followed by the summary of public

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