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  1. LB and LF (along with Park Ridge and Lincolnwood) should be congratulated on their wise decision to ignore the pleas of people with unreasonable fears about firearms. There is absolutely no good reason for this kind of harassment and discrimination against gun owners.

    Highland Park’s decision to enact “assault weapons” regulation has cost the village $90K so far in legal fees. They did cap these by getting a Democrat law firm to take on the case pro bono. However, the case is far from over with reconsideration and appeals likely. If the firearms liberty party eventually prevails, then 42USC1988 kicks in, meaning that Highland Park will pay the other party’s legal bills. Chicago has paid millions of dollars to opposing lawyers in their unsuccessful litigation in this area.

    And for what? Its been over a year since the deadline ended for this type of legislation. What horrible things happened in LB, LF, Park Ridge or Lincolnwood that would have been prevented in the bemoaned proposal?

  2. Liz,

    I couldn’t agree more. With all due respect to contrary opinion, I think that everyone should responsibly weigh in on matters which impact the community as a whole. While I may be more outspoken on this issue as a result of being with our daughter and her family (which included one granddaughter who was in the victimized elementary school) in Sandy Hook on 12/14/12, it is very sad to me that our elected officials did not take the Highland Park position.

  3. Dan is right: LF and LB should concern themselves with things like local land use and public school administration. RE is right: Guns are addressed by the Bill of Rights.

    Illinois ended municipal meddling on July 20, 2013. Judge John Darrah’s ruling on September 18, 2014 simply reaffirmed that.

    The LVW also takes positions on Global Warming and Obamacare so they are certainly not “non-partisan” but complaint about what we “should have” done 15 months ago “while the window was open” is just sour grapes.

  4. Sorry folks, the people who call for assault rifle bans are ignorant as the AR-15 that they cringe in fear over is by not means military much less an assault weapon. The military is armed with the M-16 and variants thereof which cannot be purchased at your local gun shop. Liberals need to get facts and a life instead of messing their panties over semiautomatic firearms with a synthetic stock.

  5. As far as LB & LF are concerned……. who cares. Work on things that can help our area. This is a non issue as it relates to LB & LF. Those that have them legally (and I do not) are responsible and no one will ever see them. Those that might use them are not legal anyhow.

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