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  1. I’m in agreement with the two previous posters. The most telling sentence in the article is, “Cougars, also known as mountain lions, were extirpated from Illinois before 1870 and are not protected by the Illinois Wildlife Code.” The definition of extirpate is “to remove or destroy totally; do away with; exterminate”. Apparently our policies are the same today as they were 143 years ago. Ugh.

    • Ugh is right, its like the wolves, the minute those natural and very important to the ecosystem predators, get a foothold, some fool blasts them back to extinction.
      We are so shortsighted and so stupid.

  2. I agree with Carlotta. It is a shame this beautiful creature was killed. We don’t know all of the circumstances from the article, but it seems that the IDNR could have tranquilized & moved the animal. Very disappointing.

  3. Can someone from the IDNR explain why the animal was killed and not tranquilized and moved. It sounds like it was in hiding when found. What is the protocol for such animal encounters? This certainly puts the IDNR in a very poor light, shooting what they should be protecting.

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