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  1. Thank you, Peg. The police are only enforcing the laws which the community adopts. Minors have been subject to greater rgulation than adults for centuries because minors need that protection. I know that, having been a parent of teenagers for 14 years, they are going through both physical and emotional changes. I appreciated having the curfew laws there to back me up when I said “no”.

  2. Neither the voter nor his/her elected representatives have any right to use gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests as weapons of unprovoked violence, to intimidate Mr. and Mrs. Twenty into living a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle. The drinking age is a hate crime, committed by people who know the alternative would be to impose tougher DWI laws on the hypocrites themselves.

    In a free country, the citizen would freely decide what to drink: water, wine or turpentine. parents would govern their child who still lives in their house. The punishment for crimes would be meted out to the person who committed the crimes and not to somebody else for being the same age.

    • I very much object to our police being referred to as gun toting goons in bullet proof vests as weapons of unprovoked violence. I hope that this remark is the tongue in cheek remark of an almost legal college student.

      Young people are frequently impulsive in their decisions and as a result, frequently regulated in their conduct in ways that people who have reached maturity are not. This hardly means that the age of 21 is some sort of transformation that makes living easy and mistake free. Your view, applied to all conduct, promotes chaos not responsibility. Would we hand the car keys over to our 6 year old and say be careful? We also know that alcohol consumed by young people, particularly when consumed in considerable volume and with frequency, damages the brain and increases the risk of alcoholism. These are damages borne not just by the individual making that poor choice but by society. Society has an obligation to make these decisions.

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