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  1. The irony of the letter is found in the last paragraph describing John. Perhaps this is a real reflection of the writer projecting his/her own characteristics. To have John and his “boyfriends”, all talented and very experienced business executives, volunteering their time to help volunteer boards with issues that could benefit from more expertise is a dream. What more often happens is the stone- throwing at these volunteers with no credible solutions. Would the writer be happier paying out consulting fees? I wish this was an example to any dissenters with decisions made fellow town members who are volunteering their time to make the hard decisions on our boards. Someone like John who is blessed with great civility and wisdom and not a drop of venom is the greatest example of a contributor. And besides, kids love him! I wish I could have brought a carload of kids to his house tonight to show my support! We are lucky to have him in our community.

  2. I’ve gotten to know John over the past year or so. He is a kind and honorable man. I man who gives back to his community. A guy raised in very modest circumstances who has worked very hard to make something of himself. I’m not certain if the author of the hate filled letter sent to John counted me as one of his “boyfriends”, but if so, I don’t think my wife will mind. I sure don’t.

    I wish I could say the letter shocked me. It doesn’t. I’ve heard similar things said. We need a change of attitude. We live in a great place but sometimes passions run riot over common sense. Because someone asks for further info and doesn’t automatically follow the part line, doesn’t make that person bad. Asking question and offering alternative solutions to problems doesn’t make on “anti-school” or “anti-kid”. We need to get away from the mindless attitude of “do it for the kids!” That’s what got us into the current predicament.

    As a resident and taxpayer, I thank John. As a parent of 2 teenagers, I thank John. As an uncle to three little kids in LB, I thank John. Hopefully, one vile letter won’t stop his volunteer efforts.

  3. About two years ago, my husband and I moved into a new home in Lake Bluff with our 3 young children. By an enormous stroke of luck, John Marozsan and his wife Anne turned out to be our next door neighbors. John and Anne have welcomed us into the community, watched our children, attended their birthday parties, even stayed with our kids on a moment’s notice when we had to take one to the ER. My children beg me on a daily basis to go over to Mr. John and Mrs. Anne’s house. They usually say they want to check on John’s pet fish but I know they are also hoping to score some of Anne’s fresh baked cookies or muffins! For an anonymous letter such as this to be sent to anyone is reprehensible, but for it to be directed at someone as community-minded and caring as John defies all reason. The person who crafted this hateful letter obviously does not know John at all.

    One of the reasons we chose to live in Lake Bluff was because of the great sense of community we found here. Neighbors help each other out, and people treat each other with kindness and respect, even when their opinions differ. I still believe that the malicious personal attack and contempt for democratic society expressed by the author of this letter are an anomalous occurrence in this town. I hope that this person will take an honest look at their actions and think about what they are teaching their own young children about the proper and productive way to express an opinion and resolve differences. Because one thing is for certain, your children are watching you.
    Sarah Stodard

  4. I neither saw nor heard anything at the School Board meetings with the public that should merit such a strangely bombastic and vitriolic response. However, I can understand the anonymous part: who having authored such ignorant meanness would want to be recognized?

  5. I have known John and Anne for several years as good neighbors and as caring and devoted members of my church family.

    I consider John to be one of the most gracious and dignified people I have ever met. He always has a friendly smile and kind word for everyone-especially children.

    I am so sorry to hear that he was the recipient of a “poison pen” letter when he was expressing not only his own views but the views of many members of the community in a fair-minded and non-judgmental manner-unlike “Anonymous.”

    I only wish “Anonymous” had thought for a moment about her behavior. Before giving way to negativity, I have found that It is always a good idea to ask oneself, “Is it kind? Is it true?” And, most importantly, “Is it necessary?”

    Hate mail is a crime in the U.S. and a good citizen like John should not be the recipient of such vitriol. Thank you, John, for being a valued community spokesperson and caring enough about our community to continue a civil discourse, even in the face of of adversity and ignorance.

  6. I was born and raised in neighboring Lake Forest. While I do not know Mr. Marozsan, I do know that writing annonymous attack letters against those who are serving our communities goes against our core values. I am sad for the writer of that letter and even more so, for the chidren of the letter writer. I can only imagine what they must learn at home. As Mr. Clifford above states, stand up and be an adult, make your voice heard, but do it in a civil manner.

  7. Dear John,

    To know you is to respect you. I believe that your wisdom and experience, as well as your willingness to share these qualities with the intention of creating a balanced approach to doing business in our school system, is appreciated by the vast majority of LB residents.

    The truly disturbing aspect of this current situation is the fact that the author of this rage filled collection of words is a parent of children. I would encourage this individual to view this as an opportunity to seek some counseling help for yourself so that the toxicity that you spew can be transformed into a positive and productive dialog. Perhaps you will teach your children a valuable lesson along the way.

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