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  1. I wish there was a way to stop this paper from being dropped at my house. I don’t want it and don’t read it. What happens when people are out of town and they can stop mail and other deliveries, but TribLocal just keeps on coming, telling everyone you are gone as they pile up. It is very annoying! I called once, and they said there is no way to stop them. I find that hard to believe. It reminds me of the door hanger ads for the Chinese acrobats that were left on everyone’s doors the same week as spring break, announcing to the world everyone who was gone for days on end.

  2. I am one of the volunteer journalists that is referenced by my esteemed, long-time Lake Forest College colleague Michael Ebner. I am a contributing editor of an Archives page for the print and online monthly “Forest & Bluff” and I also contribute on an occasional basis to the “lake Forester” (founded in 1896 by another LF College professor to give a voice beyond the College paper to local news), this excellent daily news online vehicle, and also its complementary “Patch.” As in 1896, local journalism is in flux. To protect its 160-year-old local franchise the “Chicago Tribune” needs hands-on innovation of the type employed by that company’s Joseph Medill Patterson when he oversaw, or truly drove, the comics engine in the 1910s and beyond. Our archives at the College library show this: http://www.lakeforest.edu/library/archives/indexes/Patterson_collections.php . Good management in Tribune Tower should add capability in house to nurture its web-based presence in its suburban markets, where most of its print subscribers live. One approach would be to develop relationships with some of the existing excellent entrepreneurial online efforts like GazeboNews.

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