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  1. Wow. Everyone should appreciate the significant achievement that is LEED silver certification. It’s not granted just for making the effort or for putting up enough dollars. The U.S. Green Building Council requires that a building be designed from the beginning to conform with specific performance standards and, in the end, that successful results are confirmed; not just once, but everyday in good weather and bad. And the USGBC won’t get snowed.

    The amount of time between the school’s opening in 2009 and now should be an indicator of what it can take to verify that everything is working as it should. But we all asked for a highly specialized building that could be proven to work, and we now have unambiguous proof. We should all feel really good about Lake Bluff for this.

  2. It was to the school boards credit to have open community involvement in the design of the school after the referendum passed. Many wonderful ideas and input came from residents in those meetings that helped shape the final design of the new school. So many parents and residents came to those meetings, and the school board and its architect did a great job in working with them as they finalized the design.

    From these community collaboration meetings, the Lake Bluff Green Team was formed. This group of parents and residents was focused on making the new school as green a possible and demonstrating performance by achieving LEED certification. The green team held numerous meetings, and worked extensively with the board and their architect to provide education materials, cost benefit justifications, and finally funding through the development of the $100,000 grant to support the modest incremental costs of LEED Silver certification. This is truly an outstanding example of the school board willing to engage with residents for the improved benefit of our teachers, students and community. Thank you to the many members of the Green Team, the past and current school board members, and Susan Garret in achieving this goal.

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