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  1. The train i was on this morning was stopped by this and i was almost in tears thinking about how a life was taken so early.
    Prayers to the family and friends, truly sorry for what happened

  2. Farid, was an exceptional young man. He was a good student, super nice, and had mare creativity than anyone I have met in a long time. He will be dearly missed by myself and my friends. Farids unnecessary death goes to show that bullying kills. My prayers go to his family, and I would like the Hussain’s to know how great Farid was. He was the type of kid that could run for president and win by a sweeping landslide. Thank you for reading, about my dear classmate, Farid Hussain.

  3. A young soul lost too soon. My prayers are for him, his family, his friends, and those who witnessed
    the tragic event. Everyone please remember that God does not judge you by a single event in your life and you should not judge yourself by a single event either.

  4. This is truly a tragedy, I feel bad for everyone involved. However, I would like to know if this was due to bullying, if so something needs to be done.

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