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  1. Great investigating and looking into who requested the form via FOIA.

    Other than on this website it was not made clear if Steinert ever interacted inappropriately with students or co-workers at the school.

    But his behavior at the school and with a district issued phone is certainly enough to lose his job.

    The Superintendent and district legal people did a poor job of presenting their case as to why they did not feel the need to immediately terminate Steinert. One could see an argument made for not doing so but Griffith comes across so poorly in communicating that you can’t hear what he has to say with any confidence and really that is why he is being replaced; at least in my opinion.

    I can see where people might ask, “Are the kids being educated? Are they being kept safe? Are they learning in a positive way that will prepare them for the next step?”

    If all the answers are yes, how is this situation impacting them?

  2. The Lake Forester has an interview with the woman who wrote the Illinois code of ethics in education on the whole district 67 matter. She is appalled at how the whole thing was handled, or should I say mishandled. It’s interesting to hear her opinion on the subject.

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