Bug The Pug Is Home For Thanksgiving

Bug the pug ... home for the holidays!

Good news for Bug the pug and her family! The gregarious fawn-colored pug is safe at home two weeks after she disappeared from her Knollwood neighborhood.

Owner Trish Liddy-Starmer and her husband, Jay, are thrilled to have their pooch home, and they’re grateful for the outpouring of support from neighbors, friends and even the Knollwood Fire Department, which loaned them several stands for the Lost Pug Posters that they placed up and down Route 176 between Greenbay Road and Waukegan Road in Lake Bluff.

Bug went missing shortly after she snuck under the fence in her yard while Trish was outside talking on the phone with her mother on Nov. 13. As soon as Trish realized Bug was missing, she and her husband–and about 20 neighbors–spent several hours canvassing their neighborhood.

“Almost right away I knew someone picked her up,” Trish said. “She’s very outgoing and friendly. She runs up to doorsteps, and when we take her on walks she greets everyone she sees. She knows the neighborhood!”

Trish and Jay flooded the area with signs and went door to door to ask people if they’d seen their dog, who is more like a daughter to them than a family pet. They covered the area where she disappeared and were about to start spreading the campaign north to Waukegan and west to Libertyville when they got a call from someone who knew where Bug was.

Turns out a man from Chicago who had been in Knollwood on Nov. 13 found Bug soon after she escaped from her yard. When a relative of his (who lives near Trish and Jay) learned he had found a little dog, she knew it had to be Bug the missing Pug.

“We learned many lessons from this,” said Trish. “When your dog goes missing, your life is so disrupted, but I have to say that on the backside as far as a life lesson goes, I realize how many people really care. So many people truly helped–either by thinking and praying for Bug, or helping us look for Bug. They rose to the occasion and it has made a difference in my life.”

So what should you do if you find a lost pet?

  • If the pet has a collar, follow through with information on collar (Bug wasn’t wearing a collar, but she is microchipped)
  • If there’s no collar, call local sheltrs, police or to a local vet to have the dog scanned for a microchip.
  • Contact GazeboNews and we’ll post the info for you!

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