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  1. As a long time resident of the San Francisco bay area, I find myself bemused by the midwest lunatic fear of cougars. When cougars were re-introduced to the park land here, they almost immediately justified their existence by correcting the deer population explosion. The rare and treasured sighting of a cougar is so much preferable to the previously constant springtime mess of Bambi road pizza fouling the commute lanes. From the web site http://easterncougar.org, “Being killed by a cougar is as rare statistically as being struck by a meteor. Deer collisions are by far the single greatest wildlife threat to the public.”

  2. A cougar was spotted in Burr Ridge Illinois on Valentine’s Day 2012 on Wolf RD. A school close by had to go on lock down while police searched the area.

  3. Yes, compassion, kindness, empathy, for Miss Mystery and her interesting post. I would like to know more about her.

    Compassion for our enemies too.

    Here is a gift for you 60045: I am sending you peaceful happy vibes. May your grouchiness turn to joy.

    Peace to you and all beings in the universe.

  4. Grasshopper, compassion for a post that ranted incoherently? Was it incoherent? Or is it a message being sent? That’s what I was thinking with all the words in caps. Perhaps Kit Kat was merely responding. Maybe you should stick to Puma essays.

  5. KitKat, Your sources of data are poor.

    Your mean spirited attacks on Miss Mystery are sad. If you believe she has a mental illness as you write in the post of Oct.25, then why attack her? Don’t you think she would need a compassionate response instead of bullying?

  6. @Mystery. Where do I get my data? Re-read your own post. I recall something about thanking God that some people don’t stay in marriages for image. Ring a bell? Yes, those poor souls that do stay, they are messing around behind the back of their spouse. You would be shocked to know who. Look around.

  7. Driving to work on Gilmer in Long Grove this week I spotted what was either one large Bobcat or else a cougar… I know the difference between a big fat house cat, a coyote, dog, etc.

    Freaked me out because it’s been a while since I’ve seen one…

  8. Kit Kat I do not agree that MOST (really?) Lake forest marriages are in any way your view – Are you some KNOW IT ALL – Where is your data coming from? personal experience – peeking tom – nanny cam – personal data collector – town gossip WHERE?

    MAN saw cougar!

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