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Michael Greene is a Lake Forest native and graduate of Lake Forest High School and Lake Forest College. He submitted the following information about World Penny Jar, an organization that he founded and runs.

Lake Forest Native Starts ‘Micro-Aid’ Organization

Chicago–WorldPennyJar announces the launch of its initial campaign via the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo ( The purpose of this campaign is threefold: to raise public awareness, to gain several passionate advocates, and to raise some capital in order to officially launch the WorldPennyJar business and execute its primary business development strategy.

In response to an increase in natural and man-made disasters around the world–and as the world and its people become increasingly interconnected, WorldPennyJar wanted to find a quick, convenient, and efficient way to allow people to make small ‘micro donations’ during the course of their normal, everyday activity.

The WorldPennyJar concept is simple: it will allow consumers to round up the price of their purchases to the nearest dollar (whether it be during the checkout process on a retail website or in a typical retail situation-or even on a monthly billing statement). If a customer agrees to contribute his/her ‘extra change,’ that money, along with others’ contributions, will make its way to WorldPennyJar and be donated to selected WorldPennyJar non-profit partner organizations to help fund disaster relief efforts and other non-disaster humanitarian efforts—including health, education, and environment — in the U.S. and around the world.

While each consumer’s contribution may be very small, when combined with millions of other consumer contributions from retail websites across the internet, retail stores across the country/world, and monthly billing statements, that contribution could become unbelievably significant. With this vision and scope in mind, WorldPennyJar hopes to become a game-changer not only in the way people around the world view charitable giving but also, and more importantly, in the way people actually participate in that giving.

Visit the campaign site at to watch the video, make a contribution, and help spread the word. For more serious inquiries, email Michael J. Greene directly at

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the major disaster that followed, Michael J. Greene (Founder and CEO) was looking for a new, easy way to allow the general public to quickly respond to disaster around the world. What he came up with was the germination of WorldPennyJar.

Michael let this idea stew in his mind over the next couple of months, and, after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that April and the ensuing devastation, he
realized that maybe this idea should become a reality. Over the next several months (and through the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan), Michael researched and brain-stormed the WorldPennyJar concept with friends, family, and colleagues. All of this passion and effort has culminated in this campaign to get the WorldPennyJar business idea off the ground. For additional information, please visit

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