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  1. Just another example of the wealth of talent in our community! Love or hate the turkey…writing & publishing a children’s book is a huge creative undertaking..Kudos to you Catherine! Looking forward to the weekend festivities celebrating this accomplishment.

  2. What a great idea! One “turkey” is going to be “airlifted” to Germany. Our granddaughter was here this summer and she had so much fun during our turkey “drive-by’s”. She’s totally bi-lingual, so there won’t be a problem!

    char t.w.

  3. As you all may remember, Gazebo News published the poem “The Town Turkey” in May that kicked off this whole process. Thanks, GN!

    For a sneak peek and more information about The Town Turkey, go to http://www.thetownturkey.com. Books will be available at Peg Ann Kompany in Lake Bluff beginning next week, and at Lake Forest Book Store and other independent bookstores on the North Shore beginning in October.

    Thanks to all for your incredible support and enthusiasm! Up With Ham! – Catherine Driscoll

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