The Turkey’s Tale

Cry not, those of you who miss the Lake Bluff turkey. Local writer Catherine Driscoll is giving the bird a new life as the subject of a self-published children’s book aptly named The Town Turkey, which tells the story of a little turkey who unexpectedly drops into town.

She’s launching the book on Sept. 25 with two events planned for that date: a book reading/signing party for children around the gazebo in the Village Green, which begins at 10 a.m.; and a book signing celebration party for adults at the Noodle Bar on Scranton Avenue beginning at 6 p.m.

“My hope is that this book will serve as a sweet, lasting reminder of a special time in Lake Bluff when a little turkey haphazardly captured our hearts,” she said.

Ms. Driscoll said the book is attracting attention outside of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff (just like the real turkey did). She has already sold 10% of her first run of 1,000 books.

The Town Turkey is illustrated by Jeffrey Wood, a childhood friend of Ms. Driscoll’s. In fact, the two have shared many turkey dinners together, because their families spent holidays together first in a suburb of St. Louis, where they lived on the same block, and later in the Whispering Oaks neighborhood of Lake Forest, where their families lived for more than 20 years.

Ms. Driscoll is a business writer and communications consultant (; she lives in Lake Bluff. Mr. Wood is art director, illustrator and owner of Woodsworld Advertising (; he lives and works in Emsworth, PA., and will be in town this weekend for the book launching events.

Mr. Wood comes by his design skills the old-fashioned way: art runs in his family. His mother, Skip, was an accomplished artist who was associated with the DeerPath Art League for decades. His father, Bob, was one of the founding members of the group that later became CenterStage, and he performed in many shows and musicals at the Gorton Community Center. Bob Wood passed away in January. Skip passed away a few years ago.

The Town Turkey is getting good reviews from educators. “It is amazing what inspires a community to come together. This whimsical and heartfelt story will be enjoyed by children — at home and in the classroom — year after year after year,” said Misty Bell, a Lake Bluff mom and elementary school teacher in Northfield.

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