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  1. At rush hour last weekend Mr. Turk was standing in the middle of the intersection as cars whizzed by in all directions…no slowing down. I guess the bird knew enough to hesitate til the traffic subsided because he was there the next day. No accidents then but when? Where is the bold but secretive person willing to operate in the environmental underworld, defy authority and take him in the dark of night to some remote (and secret) location and let him loose. Sentimentalists might fuss but he’d be safe and so would we.

  2. My kids love the turkey. Just let him be!!! He may migrate back to were he lived at Crabtree Fams. Whenever I drive by my kids scream turkey!!! He’s our Mascot!!!

  3. Federal authorities??? Now were thinking. Lets send it to the White House for a pardon on Thanksgiving! Lake Bluff’s “very own” pardoned by President Obama.

  4. Greed metastasizes in the private sector. Red tape strangles the public sector. What to do? What to do?

  5. C’mon get a grip people… it’s a turkey!!! This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands to worry about a turkey which by the way can cause havoc on the streets. There are hungry people out there and you guys are worried about a turkey.

  6. This is what’s wrong with our government. Too much paperwork, too many jurisdictions and departments, and no real common sense.

  7. Paperwork over a wild turkey? And, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is also involved?
    Now, doesn’t that make you feel safe in this world of ours? Muggings, home invasions, terrorism…
    Can you imagine the paperwork ?

    If the turkey really is a safety issue–and I disagree with that idea–then donate it to Elawa Farm. Those of us who have an affection for Jeff can visit him and take a look at what Elawa Farm has to offer. Paperwork for that? How ridiculous!

    The decision to euthanize Jeff would certainly cause an uproar far more damaging and tedious than paperwork. I can just see the headlines: CHIEF OF POLICE RESIGNS OVER TURKEY KILLING BACKLASH

  8. You don’t mess with Mother Nature – Leave “Jeff” be! He may migrate in the fall all on his own. If he does, I hope he doesn’t have to fill out paperwork. Mary, be prepared to move if your husband shoots and eats our beloved turkey.

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